About The Owner

Store Owner GilThe name Gill Bishouri is very familiar in the diamond industry of Canada.

As the founder and owner of Gee 'N Gee Importers Ltd., he has been recognized by diamond traders as a pioneer of designer jewellery, and the only large scale diamond dealer in Vancouver during the early eighties.

The journey of his success began when he was a teenager. He got interested in creative art and decided to learn the art of diamond cutting. Over the time he became a master cutter for small to specialty cut diamonds.

Gill was so passionate that he did not restrict himself to limited knowledge at one field. In the late seventies he decided to concentrate on trading diamonds and jewellery design.

Gil Bishouri cutting diamonds circa 1969

At this time, Gill has choose Vancouver, British Columbia, as his new home and he managed to build a small-scale office using his knowledge and determination.

Today, Gee 'N Gee has about 20 employees and one of the largest jewellery shops in Vancouver.

More than 39 years of experience combined with the best craftsmanship, professionalism and reliability, lead Gee'N Gee to its reputation as Vancouver’s largest jewellery manufacturer and diamond trader.