Other Characteristics


Diamond polish is a way to see how well the diamond has been finished and cleaned. It is also a sign of how well the diamond was cut. You will see that a well polished stone will have less lines and blemishes compared to a stone that has not been polished. The sheen and brilliance of a diamond is enhanced if it has been polished properly. There are a number of marks on the diamond like chips and scratches that can well be removed with the help of polishing the diamond properly.

In addition, the polish determines how much light will be able to pass through the diamond so that the shine is more. When you set out to purchase diamonds, make sure you look for diamonds that are certified and polished excellently. If the polish on the diamonds is poor, you will see that it will not shine brilliantly. The fine lines blur the overall appearance of the diamonds thus making them look dull. The grading certificates have polish grades for the diamonds that are as follows. Make sure you check out these ratings before you make a purchase.

E Excellent
VG Very good
G Good
F Fair
P Poor

Poorly polished surface or facets are one of the biggest reasons for poor appearing diamonds. The lines on the surface of the diamond are due to many reasons and the most experienced cutters can end up roughening the surface of the diamonds. Some of the lines can even be seen by naked eye while most of them go unnoticed. If you wish to buy a flawless diamond, you can consider ideal or excellent polish diamonds.