Invisible Setting

For many years Gee 'N Gee has been a leader in invisible setting technique.

Today we are proud to announce that with the most sophisticated grooving machine on the market, our master craftsmen are able to groove, finish, and invisible set princess cut diamonds and color stones on site.

What Is "Invisible Setting"?

The invisible setting technique was developed in France more than two centuries ago. In the invisible setting, the stones are set next to each other without any visible metal holding them in place. Grooves carved in to each stone, under the girdle, slip into a metal framework below the surface. The metal cannot be seen, so gemstones sit side-by-side where they create the appearance of a solid surface of gems.

Invisible setting also creates the illusion of larger diamonds, and the technique can be used to create the impression of a larger central stone (consisting of several smaller ones) or to accent a larger central gemstone.

Another advantage is that invisible setting provides excellent protection of the diamonds from damage and wear and tear.

We are offering full service repairs for any invisible set jewellery, as well as setting service for pre-grooved stones. Any repairing to the setting can be done in Gold and Platinum by our advanced Laser Welding Machine.

Gee 'N Gee is proud to be one of only a few jewellery manufacturers around the world that practices the very precise art of hand setting for invisible set jewellery.

Please Contact Us today to find out how to order Gee 'N Gee invisible setting products, or inquire about repairs.