Flanders Cut Loose Stones

The Flanders Cut

Using diamonds mined in Canada and the world- renewed craftsmen of Antwerp, Belgium, have taken the world’s most brilliant and popular diamond cut- the Round Brilliant, and transformed it into a perfectly square-shaped Diamond of very high standards. The Flanders cut has the visual outline of a square shape, with 4 short sides and 4 long sides and 4 cut corners. The diamond is cut to ideal proportions for maximum brilliance.

Flanders Cut History

The “Flanders Cut” was created by a brilliant gemologist in 1983. It was polished for the first time at the end of 1987 in a small diamond polishing factory near Antwerp, the world capital of diamonds. Antwerp is the capital of Flanders, the northern federal region of Belgium. This gorgeous diamond cut bears the name of the region where it was first polished in Belgium. Confirmed for its unsurpassed brilliance by the HRD, Europe’s most prestigious Gemological Institute, the “Flanders Cut” is the result of high-level creativity and the polishing expertise of Antwerp craftsmen.

A Royal Promotion

Antwerp, the world capital of diamonds, honours Princess Mathilde of Belgium with a “Flanders Cut” Pendant. The pendant has been created especially for the princess. On the 24th of January 2000, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde made their premier official visit to Antwerp. After being acclaimed by thousands of Antwerp citizens, Prince Philippe and princess Mathilde were welcomed of City Hall. The Mayor honoured them with exclusive gifts, a beautiful Flander cut necklace.

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