A Reliable Source for Excellent Cut Fancy Diamonds

Recently there is a trend among young people in the USA, Canada and the Far East to prefer fancy shape diamonds over the rounds. Not only do fancy cut diamonds offer a more cost effective way to handle the rough diamond, they also let jewelers and clients reach new and more innovative diamond designs. The truth is that many diamond dealers are a bit confused as how to understand the grading of the cuts of fancy cut diamonds. There are several misunderstandings and only serious fancy cut sources can be trusted to know better.

Styles of Fancy Cut Diamonds

There are round fancy cuts that look a lot like the round brilliants and these are the modified brilliants. These are very pretty since they have the fire play and sparkle of a round brilliant. Still, most people refer to the Princess, Emerald, Pear, Oval, Heart shapes and more when they speak about fancy cut diamonds. Fancy cut diamonds can also be completely unique cuts that create shapes and symbols that are one of a kind.

The Cut of the Fancy Cut

The advantage of the fancy cut diamonds is that they are very cost effective. When the cut is closer to the original raw diamond shape, more of the original gem can be kept and not wasted. With round brilliants it is not the same and often more of the rough diamond has to go to waste. However, it should be noted that the Rappaport price for a round brilliant diamond is higher than for a fancy cut diamond. This needs to be calculated with when deciding how to cut the rough diamond.

To get excellent cut fancy diamonds the cut needs to have a specific depth range. If the depth is more or less than the perfect range for the specific shape, the diamond usually won't get the excellent cut grade from a respected laboratory such as GIA, AGS or HRD.

It is commonly believed that the grade of the cut can be taken from the certificate's statements regarding polish, symmetry and girdle. Many times this is not accurate. They do have some influences but they don't say much about the cut quality of the diamond. To get the proper cut grade you can use the AGS ASET tool which is well known by international fancy cut suppliers.

Fancy Cut International Source

A wise purchase of excellent fancy cut diamonds demands understanding of each parameter of the diamond. You also need to make sure to only work with well-established companies that are experienced enough to see past the myths and misunderstandings. Cha Corp is an international source for excellent fancy cut diamonds where you can be sure that the knowledge is on par with leading experts. Cha Corp also couples the understanding of fancy cut diamonds with a personal care to help you find the right goods to the right price.

Why Should I Buy GIA Triple Excellent Certified Diamonds?

The way a diamond is cut will influence its radiance, sparkle and general beauty, In GIA triple ex certified diamonds you can't always see the difference by the naked eye unless you compare it to a diamond with a much lower grade. With the GIA triple ex certificate you know that the cut, polish and symmetry will be excellent but it is recommended to deal with a reliable diamond source that can confirm this in person. Dealing with GIA certification ensures you that the diamond includes the top features that the vendor states it does. This will also give you the confidence you need when turning to your own clients.

Top Features of a Diamond

Excellent cut diamonds are the top level of diamonds and triple ex means that the cut, polish and symmetry are all excellent. It is the cream of the cream but how can you tell? The truth is that you won't be able to see it without some kind of viewer. A diamond supplier can tell you triple ex over the phone but without the GIA triple ex certificate his words are not worth a lot.

It is the cut, polish and the symmetry that creates the magic radiance and the triple ex will be magic but you need the GIA certificate to know that it truly is a top level make. The truth is that at this level it is very hard to see the difference between very good and excellent without a microscope. So you'd better be careful not to pay the extra money if the top features aren't really there! Deal only with a trusted GIA triple ex international source so that you get the documentation for the statements.

Sparkle and Fire

It is interesting to compare a GIA triple excellent diamond to a diamond of a lower grade. When the difference is big the uniqueness of the triple ex steps forward in a remarkable way also to the naked eye. First of all you will be aware of the sparkle patterns that come all the way to the edges of the GIA triple ex diamond. There will also be fire which by visual comparison beats any diamond of lower grade by far. This is important to know since you can easily make such comparison yourself to confirm that which is written in the certificate.

GIA Triple Ex International Source

When you are looking for an international source for GIA triple ex you want to make sure to work only with reliable and stable supplies. Dealing with the top make diamonds demands people with the proper understanding of the grading and documentation. You shouldn't have to face a surprise once the diamond is in your care. When you buy GIA triple ex diamonds you expect the top level of cut, polish and symmetry. By dealing with an experienced international diamond source this is what you will get!

Where Can I Find a Good International H&A Source?

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are really exclusive thanks to their amazing radiance and shine. To find the best H&A suppliers one has to be well aware of the pitfalls and doubts that surrounds this type of diamonds. Just because a wholesaler states that the diamonds are H&A they might not be a full H&A. To make things even more complicated, a trusted Laser Inscription on the diamond might not be a guarantee either. So how should one find a good H&A international source? Read on and learn more in this article!

Excellent H&A Diamonds 

When the H&A diamonds first arrived on the scene from Japan they were cut with such precision and symmetry that they got the grade of Excellent. An H&A diamond has a shine and radiance that makes most people very impressed but you can't see with the naked eye if the pattern of hearts and arrows is really complete. A perfect H&A pattern will have 8 complete arrows. On the market there are several H&A professional viewers that enable you to inspect the pattern both from the top and the bottom.

How to Label the H&A Diamonds

Even if a diamond is labeled as H&A you can't count on the brilliance to be superb. You need to take things like cut into consideration to be able to grade the stone. The labeling issue creates a bit of a dilemma for international diamond sources since it is not included in all certificates.

If the diamond comes with an overall cut grade as excellent by GIA or as ideal by AGS (AGS000) it can mean that this is an H&A diamond but it is no guarantee for a perfect hearts and arrows pattern. Make sure to deal with an international H&A source that understands this and knows how to label the diamond properly.

Is It Truly an H&A?

If a diamond comes with a GIA certificate which states in the comments section "Laser Inscription: H&A", it doesn't mean that GIA certifies the hearts and arrows pattern. it simply means that this stamp was on the diamond when GIA received it for certification. EGL and HRD do grade H&A optimal cut and you can get a specific H&A statement on their certificates. Apart from this the grading and labeling of H&A diamonds is still very much up to the actual supplier and that's why one dealer can state H&A when another will say that it is not a full H&A.

H&A International Source

To find the best H&A International source you need to make sure to deal with people that understand these issues and more. They should be able to answer your questions in an honest and truthful way. Recommended companies for this kind of service are international diamond suppliers like CHA CORP where you get a personal service for all of your questions and requests. You can also look at listings online for medium and big international diamond sources that will also supply you with the knowledge you need for labeling of H&A diamonds.